Workshop in Norway 07.03.2018-15.03.2018

We invite you to a winter trip to the Lofoten Islands.

 Norway is the country that needs no introduction! Its beauty is multifaceted: sharp mountain tops, ice-cold sea, endless stony and sandy beaches, numerous islands, traditional houses, constantly changing clouds and amazing perspectives behind each and every turn! Lofoten is a true paradise for any tourist or photographer. Tiny picturesque fishing villages and marvelous beaches are hidden in the fjords that indented the coastline. In the charming, secluded bays sparks emerald-blue water. Striking landscapes, colorful sky, saturated with soft light turn these islands into a fabulous world.

 Winter in Lofoten is a peculiar time for any traveler, especially for a photographer. Apart from the possibility of taking pictures of stunning sunsets and sunrises we could witness the most breathtaking natural phenomenon — The Northern Lights!

You may enjoy pictures, watch videos or read stories about The Northern Lights, but you won’t experience its magic unless you see it at first hand! Unbelievable colors and motion of Aurora Borealis startle your imagination; photographers face a whole new dimension and get a chance to make absolutely fabulous and unforgettable shots!

The programme of the Workshop:

7 March

We meet the members of the tour at the Bodo Airport and drive to our apartments in Reine; it is one of the most spectacular places on the Lofoten Islands. We will live in a traditional fisherman’s cabin — Rorbu. Though it looks authentic, it has been renovated and has all the modern conveniences. There is a spacious living room, a dining area and a kitchen. The bathrooms have showers and toilets. Broadcast Wi-Fi connection. After arrival we unpack our luggage, have lunch, get acquainted and discuss workshop programme.

In the evening we walk around Reine, enjoy beautiful landscapes and if the weather conditions are favorable, we will get a chance to shoot Aurora over the village.
After the shooting we have dinner and go to bed.

8 March

We get up early, have breakfast and go to meet the first rays of the sun in the spectacular village O (Å), the most westerly point of Lofoten. Then we go back and have a rest. In the free time we are going to talk about photography, discuss post-processing (include tutorial) and analyse the taken shots (composition, light and etc.).

In the evening we go to the sunset shooting on the Varied beach.After that we go back and have dinner.
If the forecast is good we’ll drive to one of the iconic Lofoten’s beaches and try to catch the Northern Lights.

During our workshop we visit the most picturesque and wonderful landmarks of the Lofoten Islands such as: Skagsanden beach, Varied beach, Haukland beach, Utakliev beach, Unstad beach, Hamnoy, Reine and Å

9 March

In the morning we go to shoot the sunrise to Hamnoy village that is already familiar to us. This is a landmark not to be missed! In the afternoon we walk around the wonderful Nusfjord.

Our shooting for today’s evening takes place on Haukland beach, one of the best sunset locations on Lofoten. After that, we go back and have dinner and some free time. At night, as before we are trying to shoot Aurora Borealis.

10 March

After breakfast we catch the sun on the beautiful Skagsanden beach. Go back for having lunch and preparing for evening shooting. Free time, discussion and analysis of the taken shots.

In the afternoon we drive to Utakliev beach. Amazing rocky shoreline and soft sunset light give you a perfect opportunity to find your own composition Haukland

11 March

For this day we have special plans! We are going by ferryboat to Vindstad, It is located opposite Hamnoy village, so we can get another angle look to the well-known place. Here we shoot the dawn and after that we trek to Bunes beach (If the forecast is good). So we catch the first spring sun in this beautiful place! Lunch, free time, discussion and analysis of the taken shots. We are going to shoot sunset at Fredvang bridges. One day will be chosen for an airplane excursion around the Lofoten Islands.

12 March

After the breakfast we visit Reine viewpoint Olenilsøya to catch the first spring sun. Lunch, free time, discussion and analysis of the taken shots. The sunset we shoot in the original and unique place — Molnarodden.

13 March

Breakfast, lunch and dinner take place at the same time as before. The first rays of the sun we watch in the Nusfjord, which has been already explored before. It’s an extra day in case of the bad weather forecast. So we can choose any locations that we have already visited by the decision of our group or drive to a new place (for e.g. radial route to Kvalvika beach and shoot sunset on the location).

14  and 15 March

Reserve day. At this day we repeat our favorite place where the weather was no good.

16 March

Breakfast. Shooting the last sunrise in Reine. Check out and transfer to the Leknes airport.

Price: 1500 € per person

Included in the price:

  • Transfer from and to the Bodo airport
  • All transfers in Norway
  • Double accommodation in comfortable warm houses
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner (professional cook, Russian and European cuisine)
  • Photography tutorials/masterclass. In free time we discuss and analyze the taken shots, so you can count on any help you need!

Not included in the price:

  • Airfare to and from the Bodo airport
  • Personal spending

Booking and payment conditions:
For booking you need to deposit 500€ (non refundable payment, that goes on booking the accommodation. In case of your cancelation the deposit will be refunded only if we find somebody on your place. In case of unpredictable circumstances the workshop is canceled I will refund all the payments).
Full payment date is 20.02.2018. Your place at the workshop is reserved since you pay the deposit. For booking and questions fill in the form below or contact me via or any other way from the Contact section. The tour is accompanied by an english speaking guide

Things I advise you to take with: The trip is going to be comfortable: warm accommodation with modern communications, wi-fi and etc. We will move on the comfortable mini-van, but the forecast can be rather unpredictable (it can be rainy, windy, snowy) and we must be ready for any weather conditions. So, I strongly recommend to bring the following wear and gear.


  • DSLR Camera
  • Lenses: wide angle, middle-zoom and telephoto zoom
  • Extra batteries
  • Chargers
  • Spare CF/SD cards
  • Filters (ND, polarizer, graduated ND)
  • Tripod
  • Headlamp and extra batteries
  • Remote shutter release
  • Laptop for editing (Lightroom and Photoshop)


  • Waterproof boots + an extra pair if needed
  • Waterproof wellingtons
  • Comfortable warm clothing and socks (Polar fleece, Polartec and etc.)
  • Waterproof/windproof jackets and trousers + an extra pair if needed
  • Warm jacket with synthetic filling because of high humidity + an extra pair if needed
  • Warm hat, scarf and gloves
  • Raincoat
  • Some casual clothing for staying at home